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Our "Ultimate Green Screen Experience" is light years ahead of all the rest as far as entertainment value. The "FUN FACTOR" is out of this world and will make your party the most memorable and fun experience in all of Southern California.

We have hundreds of backgrounds to choose from that will be  seamlessly integrated with your photos! Your guests will be able to fulfill their wildest dreams, or simply to get a great laugh!  Visit Paris, the Pyramids, lay on the beach, climb Mt. Everest, snorkel with the sharks, escape to Las Vegas, meet your favorite athlete, and the list goes on! But most importantly, capture lasting memories with your friends and family to enjoy for years to come!


Travel around the world with our "Ultimate Green Screen Experience" at your party.  Our cutting edge Green Screen technology allows you to pick any background and have it seamlessly integrated into your photos, right at your event.  Why settle for anything less than this ultimate experience!

Green Screen Party
 For the "Ultimate" Party Experience!